Design Interview Framework (Notion Template)

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The Design Interview Framework is a template specifically curated to assist Product and UX Designers in their interview preparation for top-tier tech companies. This comprehensive guide is the result of meticulous research and analysis, where we have identified common patterns and best practices prevalent in the interview processes of these industry leaders. By leveraging this framework, you will have a structured approach to confidently navigate the interview stages, effectively showcase your design skills, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

What's included?

  • After applying for a job
    • Standing out from among that insane number of applicants
  • Before the interview
    • Who am I?
    • Tips
  • During the interview
    • Key skills to showcase
    • Potential questions
    • Interview Tips
  • After the interview
    • What's next?
  • Application review
  • Recruiter phone interview
  • Hiring manager phone screen
  • Past work review
  • On-site #1: Demonstrating expertise
    • Product demo
    • Past work presentation
      • Specific criteria (checklist)
    • Design challenge/exercise
      • Specific criteria (checklist)
    • Design critique
      • Specific criteria (checklist)
  • [Extra] Final interview

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You'll get a comprehensive design interview framework to confidently navigate the interview stages, showcase your skills, and leave a lasting impression.


Design Interview Framework (Notion Template)

0 ratings